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Your medical office furniture is an expression of your standards.

It is the first thing patients will judge when they enter the waiting room. A clean, well-organized waiting room communicates your commitment to hygiene and infection control. A sensitivity to demographics shows that you care about all people, not just some people. It is also important to maintain your furniture and quickly repair any visible damage. Keeping your furniture in good condition implies that you also keep your patients in good condition.

The last thing patients want to see is a messy waiting area.

Clutter has an unsettling affect on people and tends to make them more nervous than they already feel. Stained seat covers and chair backs are even worse. Patients feel they are walking into a dirty room where they can get even sicker than they already are. Investing in medical office chairs with moisture resistant seats and chair backs is the best way to keep your seats clean and fresh. Buying chairs that come with complimentary tables will reduce the clutter. Most people will put their drinks and magazines on the table when they are finished, which helps keep the mess off the floor.

Hospital and Healthcare  furniture has a number of options for reducing clutter.

We have several lines of chairs that come with complimentary tables. Our space planners can measure your waiting room and help you pick the chairs and tables that work best for your existing square footage. Most of our chairs, too, have either moisture resistant seat covers or seat covers that you can remove and thoroughly wipe down. It takes only a couple of minutes to straighten up a waiting room furnished with our tables and chairs because they are designed specifically for use clean environments.

The condition of your furniture speaks volumes to patients entering the room.

If they walk in and notice chips in table and chair legs, or see splits in seat covers, patients may lose confidence in your care giving abilities. If you neglect the condition of your own office, many people will conclude that you will probably neglect them as well. They may also question your skills in care giving if you are using damaged furniture. Repairing a chair is a lot easier than repairing a human. Patients may seriously question your ability to help them if it appears you cannot even keep your furniture from breaking.

In reality, most clinics put off furniture repair because they cannot do without the seats.

If chairs are sent to a repair facility, patients may have to stand in the waiting room. Hospital and Healthcare Furniture can resolve this dilemma by installing medical lobby chairs with field replaceable components. That way, our technicians can come to your facility and fix the chairs on the spot. Some chairs also come with replacement warranties, so we can also swap out damaged chairs with new ones of your particular model is covered by this provision.

Hospital and medical office furniture can also provide you with refurbished pieces if you are operating on a limited budget.

We have our own factory, and we warranty all of our refurbished products for a period of one year to cover craftsmanship and labor. Call an account executive today and schedule a free walk through of your lobby.

Call Us At 832-799-9942 For A FREE Medical Office Furniture Quote


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