Tack Board Viscosity Fabric COE-PL118VIS

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Tack Board Viscosity Fabric

If you’re always worried about missing deadlines, rely on your phone to remind you about your upcoming business meetings and important errands, and often worry about what you would do if you forgot your phone at home or if the battery dies, then relax. Consider installing this Visconti fabric tack board with the open hutch in your office suite. This Visconti fabric tack board is spacious and wide and provides ample of space to pin up important office notices and reminders. You can use it to tack reminders about your upcoming business meetings and important project deadlines so that you are always aware and informed. More importantly, you won’t have to rely on your phone to keep you updated. You can tack all important reminders and your things-to-do list, so you can more easily prioritize your everyday tasks and stay on schedule.
  • Visconti pattern
  • Durable material
  • A sleek, sophisticated finish