Modern Call Center Cubicles

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Modern call center cubicles are tiny, compact and consist of the basic acoustical [artotopmsand small work surfaces. Accessories such as storage bins and filing cabinets are also common. Cubicle desks and partitions are made from any number of materials. The counter or desk element of an office cubicle is normally created from laminate or wood. While some of the more conventional veneers can get pricey, it’s easy to find and buy high-quality used and refurbished cubicles online. Although laminates and veneers can be employed to make a cubicle wall, sound muffling or blocking components enclosed within the fabric work for modern call centers.

The design model for call center workstations has been evolving fast in keeping with new advancements in technology. One of the largest of these trends is a move toward cloud computing. This technology allows companies to host their customer support software. Modern call center cubicle sizes do not have to be as big as they were in the past. No longer must a personal printer, a large desktop, and tons of technical devices be used at every workstation at call centers. Alternatively, a computer monitor can be used instead of an actual personal computer, and networked wireless printers and print servers can be used by several in the office. The desk must only hold a phone, a headset, a keyboard, and a compact monitor.