Laminate Office Desk Shell Shown W/Opt Pedestal COE- PL101

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Desk Shell

Desks are supposed to be the hot bid for space and efficiency. Many offices have a plethora of desks, and most of them will have to be replaced one day. With this desk shell, that is unlikely to be the case. In addition to being designed to cater to the needs of the client, this desk is engineered for perfection. It has been created by experts in the field, and it comes in a variety of eight different finishes. This desk has a simple design that makes the most of the quality of the wood and the finish. It can be used as your base to work on, or it can be used alongside other tables to make a larger workspace. The base of this desk shell is strong, and its premium-grade lamination helps make it as fresh as a new product.
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Easy to set up
  • Popular Design
  • Elegant Finish

Warranty: Limited Life