Collaborative Office Cubicles

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Collaborative office cubicles portray a combination of simple open-concept office design and individual workspace. Studies have shown that a totally open concept office offers too many intrusions that reduce employee productivity. In addition to noise levels, many employees feel uneasy when they have no privacy. Cubicle Office Furniture Store (COFS) fixes these problems by creating workstations that give each team member an appropriate level of privacy within and larger group area where team building, sharing of ideas, and meetings can occur.

While the number of individual privacy changes in each system we build, all collaborative cubicles yield a common group goal. COFS workstations are built with teams or entire departments in mind. Filing and storage systems, for example, are often generally shared by workers so that every person has access to materials, supplies, and hardcopy data created by the entire team. Each collaborative office workstation also has at least one shared meeting area so that workers can converse regularly on various projects.