60″W x 60″D Recycled Glass Chairmat COE-CI4646

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60″W x 60″D x 0‑1/4″H

If you are tired of struggling to reposition your chair as you move around your workspace, now is the time to try an innovative glass chairman. Various chairmats are available on the market, but none are as strong and long-lasting as the glass chairmat. Glass chairmats are designed to look great, make chair transition smooth, and add functionality to any work area. This chairmat is made of tempered glass to provide an ageless surface. Glass chairmats are made using 25% to 30% recycled glass to be more environmentally friendly. Glass chairmats will enhance the natural beauty and appearance of your office furniture. Traditional clear plastic floor mats can warp, groove, and yellow, causing them to end up in the landfill rather than protecting your carpet or hardwood floor; but not our glass chairmats – they are built to last a lifetime.
  • No More Ugly Plastic Chair Mat
  • Heavy Duty to Handle Extra Weight
  • Stays in place – weighs over 3lbs per sq. ft.
  • Does Not Groove or Wheel Cup
  • 1/4” Clear Tempered Glass
  • Five Times Stronger Than Common Glass
  • Beveled Edges for safety
  • Supports 1000lbs
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • As Aesthetic as it is Functional
  • Great Investment for Years of Use