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Hospital dining room chairs represent one of the most important purchases you can make.
The dining room is that one place in your healthcare facility that can actually feel like home. Your busy staff gets few breaks during their shifts. That half hour or hour lunch they have is the only time to truly decompress from their high stress jobs. Patients and visitors are dealing with even more stress than caregivers because they are often facing the unknown, and the hours they spend waiting for news only compounds their anxiety. It is paramount that you create a dining area that does everything possible to alleviate this tension with a feeling of warmth and comfort that people associate with a better time in life and that special place that everyone calls “home.”

In order to do this, we recommend that you think beyond the “clinical” when choosing a style for your cafeteria chairs.
While hygiene matters as much in your hospital dining area as it does in your intensive care unit, you don’t want your cafeteria to look like a clean room, either. It is important to choose chairs that look as comfortable as they feel. This is because people tend to do more than just eat in a dining room. A good many of them sit and read, visit with loved ones, or stretch out their feet to watch television. Your patient experience will drastically improve if you decorate your cafe with furniture that features unique designs and styles found nowhere else in the hospital. In this way, you can create a dining room that psychologically functions as a home away from home for those who are spending days at at time visiting family members in the hospital.

Our selection of hospital dining room chairs covers a broad range of decorating styles. Some lines feature an ornamental, classic look that you would only expect to see if visiting the family room of an elegant home.
Others look definitively modern. This product variety is deliberate because we work with clients all over the country. Healthcare facilities can vary greatly according to size and geography. We strive to carry hospital dining room chairs for facilities of all sizes and types whether they are located in major cities, suburban communities, or small country towns. Some hospitals prefer a notably classic, historical look for their dining area, while others like a style that is noticeably contemporary but no less warm. We have cafeteria chairs for both.

Regardless of actual style, all of our chairs offer functional features designed with healthcare facilities in mind.
Many feature contoured backs that offer exceptional support. Various reinforcements make the outer wooden frames stronger to accommodate persons of all ages, heights, and body types. Other models feature field field replaceable armcaps made from wood or self-skinned urethane. You can also order hospital dining room chairs with wallsaver legs, and almost all lines feature moisture resistant seats built to last for years in heavy traffic areas. Browse our product categories to find a basic model, then contact an account specialist to choose your options.

Your patients, visitors, and employees will love your new lunchroom once it is furnished with dining room chairs that make them feel like the worst is over and they are almost home.

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