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Your cafeteria is one of the most important rooms in the medical center.
Given enough time, almost everyone who visits your hospital will eat here. It is essential that you design it with plenty of seating for guests. To do this, you will need to estimate your daily customer traffic and purchase enough hospital cafeteria and cafe chairs to seat all of your guests. This is easy if you first calculate your available square footage and develop a seating plan that will provide each visitor with an appropriate amount of personal space. You can choose from either beam seating options or individual seating options in our product store.

Call one of our space planners for a free cafeteria space plan design.
All that we need is a copy of your cafeteria floor plan to get started. Our space planners will develop a drawing that shows where all of your tables and guest seats will be located. This drawing will help us determine if your hospital cafeteria will require beam seating or individual seating. It will also help you plan your budget by showing you the best possible configuration for your anticipated number of guests. This design layout is a complimentary service that we offer to all medical care facilities, regardless of geographic location or physical size.

Next,determine the style you want for your hospital cafeteria.
The look and feel of your hospital cafe plays a significant role in your overall patient experience. Very few people who visit your cafeteria are going to enter the room in good spirits. Most will be experiencing very high levels of stress caused by worries and fears related to the condition of their loved ones. It is very important that you create a calm, comforting environment that will help visitors relax and put their fears in perspective. Your account manager will help you customize your cafeteria and cafe chairs.

When you factor color choices against fabric and design options, you literally have hundreds of combinations that allow you to blend your hospital cafeteria and cafe chairs with any interior architecture and design you wish.

Talk to an account manager about functional options.
Hospital cafeteria and cafe chairs have a number of features designed specifically for the medical industry in mind. For example, a large percentage of our chairs are made with some type of moisture resistant seat. These seats, if soiled by spilled drinks or food, are easy for maintenance staff to wipe down. Many lines also come with field replaceable seats and armcaps. This allows you to place a warranty service call to our repair center and enjoy the convenience of having our technicians come to you. As most of these parts can be swapped out in a matter of minute, you suffer minimal downtime if a product is damaged.

You can also protect your floors and walls with special legs and chair braces that prevent chairs from scratching surfaces when guests move them. All frames are reinforced to some degree to accommodate persons of all ages and body types. Many lines, too, offer bariatric models for larger persons who require exceptional support.

So don’t settle for less by buying generic hospital cafeteria and cafe chairs just to save a few dollars.
Call the Hospital and Medical Furniture Store now to find just the right line of chairs and seating features that will easily fit your budget and give your visitors the best possible patient experience they can have.

Hospital Cafeteria & Cafe Chairs – Call 832-799-9942 For FREE Quote