Hospital Furniture Systems For Sale In The Medical Center Houston

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Our design and installation team customizes hospital office furniture systems to demographic, stylistic, and maintenance requirements.

We can help you make people of all ages feel comfortable regardless of their medical condition. Your facility will appear clean and well organized because our products offer exceptional longevity. Many also can be field repaired or replaced under warranty should they become damaged.

Our hospital office furniture selection includes a multitude of seating choices for every part of your building.

Several lines include bariatric chairs that can support up to 750 pounds per seat. We have models for lobby areas, cafe areas, waiting rooms, and even patient rooms. Many feature metal mesh deck seating for exceptional comfort, easy grip arm rests, and waterfall seat cushions that keep the occupant comfortable for long periods of time.

Chairs are not your only option for your guest areas. Our selection also includes a number of two-seater and three-seater sofas.

These products add exceptional comfort value to your waiting rooms near ICU, critical care, and maternity wards. Sofas feature ultracell foam with waterfall fronts to support occupants for long periods of time. They also feature removable seat cushions that allow maintenance crews to quickly wipe them down and keep them fresh throughout the day. Sofa feet can be fitted with glides that protect your floor surfaces. Simply request them during our original order and they will be installed with no additional charges.

Our hospital patient room furniture systems anticipate the needs of both patients and visitors. Storage options include wardrobes, bookcases, dressers, and bedside cabinets.

These products allow you to provide long-term patients with a feeling similar to home. Seating options include recliners that allow visitors to comfortably spend the night with their loved ones. We also provide a variety of accessories such as mirrors that add a personal touch to the room. Storage products feature aluminum extrusions that minimize damage from accidental impact. They also feature ventilation and drainage systems that keep interiors dry, fresh, and free from odors.

Contact Medical and Healthcare Furniture now to schedule a visit with a hospital office furniture systems expert.

He or she will develop a complimentary space planning design layout for each area of you hospital. You space planner will then help you find the most effective products for your lobby, visiting rooms, patient wards, and dining areas. Think comfort, style and utility when you think Hospital and Healthcare Furniture.

Call Us At 832-799-9942 For A FREE Hospital Furniture Systems Quote


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