verde15Our unique, one-on-one consultative process allows us to develop more in-depth, custom layouts specific to the environments we are furnishing. Our specialists do more than develop plug-and-go, generic layouts. They design office furniture systems that truly compliment organizational process flow, employee needs, corporate identity, and human comfort.

Free Office Design Layout 
A free office design layout will allow you to see what your new office furniture setup will look like. We also provide detailed instructions on how you can make the most use of your new workspace.

We can guide your choices in fabric, custom styles, and colors in order to adapt your work flow to challenging floor plans. Office Furniture Setup focuses on generating a  comfort, attraction factor, and functional utility in all areas of your facility. Free office design layouts can be scaled either down or up to accommodate budget requirements.

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We travel daily throughout the Houston area to meet with clients face to face in their office. We also travel to locations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth. When Houston area clients open new locations in other states, we will also travel onsite throughout the Continental United States.

Cubicle Configuration
Customizing office cubicle systems to specific industries and work flow demands is one of our most valuable and unique office furniture services. We develop layouts that minimize distraction and noise in open areas by creating an appropriate level of employee privacy.

We place a higher value on comfort than many competing office furniture companies. This is due to the simple fact that people spend at least 8 hours of day working in office areas that can become very unpleasant if comfort is not a priority in developing the site layout.

Office Furniture Reconfiguration
You do not have to wait until you buy new furniture to take advantage of a new level of comfort. Our office setup team can reconfigure existing cubicle areas and furniture items to create a more balance, utilitarian, and organized work space.

If you are having trouble moving around in your existing office, or if the sound levels are so high that you are constantly distracted from your work, we can alleviate these issues. A more conscious treatment of space will enable us to create a more navigable environment with minimized distractions.

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Furniture Repair
In addition to configuration and installation, one of the most important office furniture services that we offer is office furniture repair. Even normal daily use can eventually wear down and damage cubicle environments and other furniture items. Call our office now if you have damaged items or damaged cubicle components.

Office Furniture Maintenance
Manufacturer’s warranties tend to be rather short and limited in what they cover. Customizing a maintenance package to your specific needs is one of the most valuable office furniture design services we can offer you. Call Office Furniture Setup today to discuss a 1, 3, or 5 year office furniture maintenance plan.


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