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Medical filing systems keep your office neat and your work spaces organized. Office Furniture Setup offers a large and varied selection of cabinets, closet systems, high density filing, and office case goods. We also design custom equipment storage, personal storage, and ADA compliant shelving and storage solutions.

ADA Filing Systems Requirements

The nature of items stored varies greatly from industry to industry. Much of our design work in this arena is highly customized to accommodate the unique demands of legal, healthcare, educational, financial services, and industrial environments.

File Cabinets
Options include both wood and metal cabinetry, along with a variety of accessories. Space saving features such as locks and easy access tablature make data consolidation and retrieval easier and quicker. Organization is customized to the demands of data retrieval so the most important documents can be manipulated more readily. Cabinets can also be built to slide into and out of office walls so you can get more out of smaller environments.

Closet Systems
Office Furniture Setup installs a wide variety of closet systems for office filing. We design systems for office supplies, and we supply both fixed and mobile pedestal storage systems. For industrial facilities we also design lockers and peds for convenient equipment access and secure storage of personal belongings.

High Density Filing
High density filing is one of our hallmark product offerings. The founder of our company had 25 years of prior experience in high density storage before moving into the office furniture services industry. Coming from this vantage point, we can install virtually any type of mobile or rolling system, and we can configure indexing systems that are easy to remember and use.

Some of the most efficient filing solutions we deliver are mobile cabinet shelving units. These units save on floor space, and they can be used to store office supplies, binders, books, and standard files. When organizing an environment for maximum workflow and space utilization, these systems are up to 5 times more efficient, utilitarian, and easier to use than conventional office storage systems. Statistics show that workers can manipulate hard copies up to 50% faster using these systems than they can with typical cabinetry.

Another option you might want to consider are track sliding file storage units. These units work by mounting a series of shelves on tracks placed along the floor. Rather than using valuable floor space to store multiple cabinets, track shelving systems can free up as much as 2/3 or your existing work space.

Office Case Goods
Office filing and storage units can also be built into various collaborative and personal work spaces. Built-ins, as they are called, can be installed in offices to utilize every bit of square footage along the wall. This is one of our most valuable services, as many office floor plans do not always easily accommodate the size desk you need to perform certain tasks. Building a desk into the wall that combines storage with task functionality turns your private office into a personalized task area.

Millwork Storage Pieces
Office Furniture Setup also builds millwork office filing for a variety of office environments that require an exceptional aesthetic element.

USA FREE SHIPPING! Call Us At 832-799-9942 For A FREE Medical Medical Filing Systems Quotation.


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