Cubicle Office Furniture Store (COFS) provides turnkey installations of all types of office furniture, office cubicles, and office storage systems. Representing over 200 manufacturers, we have earned and maintained the trust of our clients since 1986.

We also have an equally comprehensive range of service options. We provide fabrication work, custom millwork, commercial moving, and office furniture storage. One of our primary areas of expertise is office cubicle customization focused toward maximum space utilization and built-in storage capabilities. We also have our own furniture repurposing facility, so lead time on refurbished furniture can be shortened to production time for many of the solutions we provide.

Known for our exceptional level of detail in site planning services, we deliver cost-saving benefits to organizations of all sizes. We offer competitive pricing for refurbished cubicle systems, custom cubicle systems, collaborative workspace environments, high-density filing systems, and custom storage solutions. COFS also upholds an exceptional reputation for turnkey office furniture installation and office cubicle configuration. We configure work areas to support employee tasks functionally, facilitate organizational process flow, and aesthetically reinforce corporate identity.

Doing business with us is both cost-effective and convenient for the following reasons:
Extensive visual modeling of the office furniture set up is rendered prior to purchase.
Lead times are realistically stated and reliable because we control production.
Purchasing involves minimal paperwork and simplified ordering. Installations are generally completed in 3 weeks or less.

Regular follow-ups provide repair, buyback, liquidation, and expansion services.
With design foremost in mind, our policy is to listen to our clients so that we may fully understand their requirements and desires. We utilize our professional expertise to guide client choices toward those options, which are most congruent with their objectives. Our design team is renowned for its empathy, flexibility, and capability delivering exceptional office furniture solutions at a point of budget tolerance.

Because of our focus on service and design, we are able to match the life cycle of furniture to the various life cycles of business. We have options for businesses who are moving, opening new locations, remodeling, and even for companies who are just starting up.

Our emphasis on service results in more customer choices. Materials, styles, and colors are focused toward aesthetically complimenting the surrounding workspace and corporate culture. Clients can have virtually any office furniture customized to healthcare, educational, legal, or even industrial office environments. Desks, filing systems, storage options, office cubicles, task seating, and collaborative environments are designed to enable superior workflow in an environment that is physically comfortable and emotionally positive.

COFS is the ideal choice for any organization that expects a greater range of affordable product choices and a higher level of design services that the typical office furniture company provides. We travel throughout the nation and collaborate directly with office personnel. We work one-on-one with key decision-makers at every point in our process in order to identify design possibilities for individual work areas. Our turnkey installations accommodate budget, improve organizational efficiency, and generate a pleasant, comfortable work environment.